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Kardashian shares pics from her custom Balmain x Yeezy fitting

So we’re pretty sure the Kardashian/Jenner entrance into the Yeezy Season 3 launch at Madison Square Garden is going to be one of those ‘go down in history’ moments. Not only did they manage to grab the attention of an epic sized stadium full of models, media and celebrities, but they did it in absolute style, wearing custom made matching ensembles.

Those ensembles were a collaborative effort made by none other than family favourite, Balmain, and family member, Yeezy (i.e. Mr Kanye West). They swanned into their seats wearing a mix of white and nude and dripped in diamonds and fur because, Kardashians.

Well, we have since been treated by Mrs Kardashian West to a sneak peak of the actual fittings that took place for the aforementioned custom dream outfits. Via her website, Kim shares some snaps of her donning her diamonds and pearls, still with a head full of black braids, as Kanye stands by taking pics on his phone, obvs (or maybe it was her phone. That is highly likely.)

Not that we’ve ever had a custom fitting for anything so probably don’t know how these things actually go down, but it was pretty next level to see the an actual photo shoot happening for the purpose of a few dress measurements. But, you know, every opportunity is a photo opportunity right!?

Kim was joined by other family members, including her mum, Kris, sisters, Kourtney and Kylie, Corey Gamble and, of course, baby North.